Come and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience with local tour company "Dauren Travel". We take excellent care of our guests and provide any and all assistance and accommodations. The tours are carefully planned to provide the quintessential Bayan-Ölgii experience while running as smoothly as possible. The local team will join accompany you on your trip and help you with your baggage as you explore this unique corner of the globe.

In the group tour, it is perfectly acceptable for members of your party to arrive at their earliest convenience and in this case we will provide activities to keep them occupied and entertained until the rest of your party arrives. There is no extra charge for this service.

The group tour maximum is ten people.

The individual tours are fully customizable. The individual group has the option to change any aspect of their tour, such as the length, travel days, activities, etc.

All camping and cooking supplies are prepared and furnished by the company.

In Ulaanbaatar, the local guide will give an engaging city tour that includes meals, transport from the airport, and hotel. During the entire trip we will do our best to satisfy your needs and help you with any issue that may arise. In the city tour you will see the museum, monastery, and go hiking in the national park.

The tents provided are a 2 person tent for individuals and a 3 person tent for couples. Food and drink is provided three times a day which includes desert. Water is available at all times. Our cooks have many years of experience are ready to cater to your needs. Vegetarian meals can also be provided, but must be requested in advance. Mongolia is not the most vegetarian friendly country, but we do our best to provide whatever service is needed. In this tour the traditional meals will also be offered, such as Besbarmak (the Kazakh national meal consisting of a large meat plate), hand-made vodka, and Kumis (horse milk).

Horses for riding can be requested at anytime, even if it is not in the itinerary. The places we will travel to have no cell phone service, but we will bring our emergency phone that can make calls from anywhere. Our main objective is to give a comfortable, friendly, and safe experience that will make you want to come visit again or at least never forget your time in the land of the eagles.

Things to bring with you to Bayan-Ölgii:  sleeping bag, waterproof  clothes (boot, pant, jacket) and bag cover,personal medicine, backpack, sunblock, cream for mosquito bites, lamp, warm clothes, walking stick

Mountaineering groups should bring:climbing equipment, harness, crampon, ice axe, carbins, snow boots, mountain clothes,

Horse riding groups: helmet (not mandatory but good idea), gloves, boots.


How to Arrive

By Plane to the Chinggis Khaan International Airport in Ulaanbaatar: ULN ( Flights arrive regularly from Berlin, Beijing, Frankfurt, Moscow, Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo. To get to the Western region of Mongolia, domestic flights can be easily arranged. We offer quick and efficient transport to and from the airport.

Here are the variousairline companies that fly to Mongolia International:




Visa free counties list

90 days







Hong Kong





























United States










50% is asked up front and 50% is askedat the conclusion of the tour.

Booking will be finished quickly upon receiving the down payment (hotels, flights, horses and camels)

If a cancellation is made before the tour $300 will be kept and the rest of the money will be returned