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Welcome to Bayan Olgii! Join us for an unforgettable expedition with Dauren Travel

Welcome to Bayan Olgii! Join us for an unforgettable expedition with Dauren Travel.Our mission is to give a once in a lifetime experience that is both safe and comfortable. We are located in the center of Olgii Province. We are a local company that organizes unique and exciting tours that connect with local people. We are thrilled to showcase the best that Bayan Olgii has to offer! Enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, climb the breath taking Malchin and Khuiten mountain peaks, connect with authentic local eagle hunters and herders, eat at the best hotels and restaurants, and so much more!

CEO: Sakhuan Daurenbek–Dougie

He has worked for four years as a guide in Bayan ÷lgii and has studied English for eight years including spending time in America on an exchange program. He also speaks Russian from his time living in Kazakhstan. He thankful for the opportunity to help new travelers discover the beauty and culture of the land that he is proud to call home.


An experienced driver who has worked over five years as a tour driver. As a child, he always helped his father repairing cars and has learned much about fixing broken-down cars. Mongolia does not have good roads, and only drivers with experience can navigate them. We are proud to say that Erka is one of our best drivers as well as a wonderful and friendly person.

Cook: TangbaKulash–Dash

She has been working as a tour cook for the last twelve years. Most of the local people who work in the tourism industry here know her as one of the finest tour cooks.  Around the world, she still has friends who have enjoyed her cooking and remember her fondly.

Eagle hunter: Orunbai Sovietkhan – Sovet Ah.

He has been hunting with eagles for forty years. He was born in 1959 in Deluun (150km from ÷lgii) and is one of the most famous eagle hunters in the area. He is currently teaching his son the ways of eagle hunting, which he learned as a boy from his father. He is also famous for hunting wolves (with a rifle). For the local nomadic people who live far from the villages, the wolf is a great dander and a serious problem. Soviet khan has hunted many wolves and for that, the government gave him a hunter’s medal.


Why us?

We offer professional service at an affordable price. Our team is made up of a knowledge local guide, an experienced driver and a delightful cook, who will prepare delicious and authentic local food. We are also lucky to be supported by local nomads who will transport our baggage by camel.With our friendly team, you will feel comfortable and have an enjoyable and unique experience in this far corner of the world. Come explore the wild and untamed landscape of this region as well as experience the ancient culture and traditions of the proud people who to this day maintain a nomadic life and the practice of eagle hunting.We guarantee a safe and memorable experience that will last you a lifetime!