Altai Trekking [13 days]

                  Join us with carefully planned one of our guaranteed tour. It is a tour no individual can regret experiencing as you travel to Altai TavanBogd National Park and experience the hiking and sights of the Potanin Glacier, Malchin Peak, explore the White River Valley, the Bear Valley, which is inaccessible except for two months of the year, meet local Tuva people who are famous for their nomadic lifestyle and shamanistic heritage. They will support this tour with their horses and camels as we trek through these rarely seen natural beauties. Staying at the Khoton and Khurgan Lakes, where we will fish, swim, and view the waterfall. Afterwards we will visit the families of Eagle Hunters’. In this, we experience the best of eagle hunter lifestyles and see their cultural traditions. In Ílgii we will visit not only the Kazakh Museum, but the bazar as well. For dinner, we will visit the local restaurant and have a firewall dinner.. The group tour will see the Mongol Naadam for two whole days and manage to experience not only Kazakh Culture, but the Mongolian as well in viewing the three manly sports, Wrestling, Archery, and Horse Racing, at their best. The tour guide speaks Russian and English for the best experience.


Tour included


  • Domestic Flight from Ulaanbaatar (round trip)
  • All accommodations  (hotel, tent, ger camp)
  • 2 days stay in Ulaanbaatar (city tour, hotel, meal)
  • All cooking and camping equipment
  • All transportation during tour (airport pick up)
  • Experienced English speaking guide
  • Cook (3 times meal, desert)
  • Driver ( FWD car, fuel)
  • Local guide (horse, support camel for luggage)
  • Eagle Hunting family
  • National Park permit and fees


Tour excluded


  • International airfare, visa
  • Sleeping bag
  • Trip insurance
  • Laundry
  • Excess baggage fees in airport(domestic 15kg )
  • Alcohol drinks
  • Gratuities





DAY1. Arrive in Bayan Olgii Province, home of the local Kazakh people who are famous for their ancient eagle hunting culture. The plane ride takes around 3 hours. At the airport, you will meet our team, English-speaking tour guide, cook(s), and driver, who has a 4x4 vehicle. Drive to Oigor Valley, the east gate of Altai TavanBogd National Park.

DAY2. Hiking. After breakfast, travel to base camp about 16 kilometers away. All supplies (baggage, camping supplies) will be transported by camel. The lunch will be picked up and eaten hallway through the trek with a stunning view. Stay a night at base camp 3100 meters above sea level.

DAY3. Climb to Malchin Peak. It will take around 6 hours for the trek. The peak is incredibly famous for its view into Russia and also because climbing equipment is not necessary. Explore the Potanin Glacier (23 square km). Stay the night in a tent.

DAY4. Go down to the White River Valley (south gate of the national park). The valley is beautiful and inhabited by the local Tuvan people. The trip is about 18 kilometers.

DAY5. Hiking to Black Valley. Stay a night with the Tuvan people in tents. Be introduced to the Tuvan lifestyle and enjoy a traditional meal.

DAY6. Pass through Takhilt Pass, the high pass between the lake and the basecamp as you enter Bear Valley. One of most beautiful valleys in the region. Only in middle of summer and only by horse or trekking is it possible to go through and no vehicle can drive here.Here it is possible to see wildlife such as thered deer, fox, bear and many birds.

DAY7. Aral Hill trek. Hike through the trees as your make your way out of Bear Valley. See the green lake and leave the white valley.

DAY8. Biluu Hill. Go by the lake that continues from Aral Hill to Biluu Hill. There we will experience the beautiful view and go fishing and swimming.

DAY9. Drive about an hour to BagaTurgun Valley. After lunch hike around 3 hours to the waterfalls. Stay the night there in tents.

DAY10. Drive to Sagsai, a local and traditional Kazakh village. Here we will stay with an eagle hunter andtheir family.

DAY 11 & 12. Naadam. The biggest and most popular Mongolian Sports festival where we will watch the wrestling, horse riding, and archery.

Day 13. Fly back.


  • 01th of June-01st  of October


  • Days: 8
  • Nights: 7


  • Tent: 6
  • Hotel: 1


  • Moderate

  Price (for pax USD):

  • 2-4 persons:950 
  • 5-8 persons:800 
  • 9+ persons:700