Ulaanbaatar City Tour

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Short Tours

“Dauren Travel” offers short tours in the western region of Mongolia, we do our best to give you the greatest and most immersive experience in a reasonable and manageable amount of time. Depending on the length of your stay, here are some of our suggested tours. You are also more than welcome to edit the activities of your tour as you like. Tours typically start at 9 o’clock local time.We mostly use a 4x4 off road Land Cruiser for a safe and comfortable ride.

Climbing Tour

Khuiten Peak is the highest peak in Mongolia located in the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park. At 4,374 meters it is truly a site to behold. From the peak, you can see Russia, China, and even the mountains of Kazakhstan. The experienced hiking guide will join the tour for safety and to lead the way to the top. We will also visit the eagle huntress family at the Khotun Lake with its breathtaking waterfall. Afterwards we’ll go to the Olgii Kazakh museum. While recognizing the potential dangers of the climb, our trip is designed to be both comfortable and safe, bringing with us any necessities you feel are needed.

Golden Eagle Festival 2018

The Golden Eagle Festival is organized once a year and is the biggest eagle festival in Mongolia. Come experience the show of a lifetime. Before the festival, visit the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, the White River and the Sacred Mountain with ‘The Open Gallery Under  Sky’ filled with ancient petroglyphs and amazing wildlifeand. Spend one night with an eagle hunter family and have an entire day of hunting, where you’ll ride alongside the eagle hunter and experience firsthand this fascinating lifestyle. Afterwards enjoy a visit to the Olgii Kazakh Museum and a final concert at the end. See a lot of traditional horse games at the eagle festival. Enjoy the ending with a traditional meal of Besbarmak (Kazakh for five fingers and composed of a hearty meat plate) along with khumis (locally prepared fermented horse milk). This event should be booked early as the eagle festival is a much desired event.

Hourseback Tour

Unleash your inner horseman while riding through the beautiful and enchanting Mongolian countryside. In this tour, experience Tavan Bogd National Park, Potanin Glacier, Bear Valley, the Sacred Mountain, the Khotun and Khurgan Lakes, waterfalls, and a visit to an eagle hunter’s family and enjoy a delicious meal of the Kazakh National Cuisine: Besbarmak (five fingers in Kazakh), a large and hearty meat plate.All baggage will be carried by camel and you will have help from the local guides as they work with the horses and ensure that everything goes smoothly. Every day we will ride about 20 km for 4-5 hours.

Eagle Hunting Tour [6 days]

Seize the opportunity to become part of an ancient tradition! Explore the lifestyle of the famous eagle hunters as you live in their traditional gers, experience the thrill of the hunt with them, and find yourself immersed as a hunter.The hunting can only be done in winter and the cold seasons from late September until March.The tour entirely depends on the individual. The tour is originally planned for 6 days, however if an individual prefers longer or shorter, or even would like to be with multiple families, it can be easily arranged.

Mixed Tour [8 days]

Join us for an unforgettable experience with these carefully selected highlights that will give you a wonderful taste of what Bayan Ílgii has to offer. This tour travels to the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park which includes the famous Malchin Peak, close to the Russian-Mongolian border. This trip also includes visits to archaeological sites such as the Stone man and ancient petroglyphs from the Bronze Age, visits to the serene Khotun Lake and the beautiful nearby waterfalls, and a visit to a nomadic eagle hunter family where you can learn about the ancient cultural tradition of eagle hunting. Carefully organized, this tour is the best way to experience a wide array of activities that Bayan Ílgii is famous for.