Ulaanbaatar City Tour

Ulaanbaatar City Tour, City Day Tour, Out of City Day Tour

Ulaanbaatar City Tour

Some attractions are “must-see” in the capital of Mongolia: Ulaanbaatar. We collected the best places to help you understand and experience our city. As always you are more than welcome to change activities or add another destination such as a concert (traditional or modern), an art gallery, or bars and clubs. Also enjoy the opportunity to visit a Mongolian shaman, “bes barmak” (Kazakh traditional meal)

Tours start at 9 o’clock local time.

Included: Experienced English-speaking guide, driver, comfortable car, attractions and museum entrance fees, lunch, pick-up and drop-off.

City Day Tour

Visit Gandan Monestry and National Museum of Mongolia, eat lunch, visit Chinggis Khan central square, go hiking at the Zaisan memorial eat dinner at one of a selection of restaurants.

Out of City Day Tour

Drive to Gorkhi Terelj National Park, go on a horseback tour, visit the  Chinggis Khan Monument, drive back to the city, eat dommer at one of a selection of restaurants.