Golden Eagle Festival 2018

The Golden Eagle Festival is organized once a year and is the biggest eagle festival in Mongolia. Come experience the show of a lifetime. Before the festival, visit the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, the White River and the Sacred Mountain with ‘The Open Gallery Under  Sky’ filled with ancient petroglyphs and amazing wildlifeand. Spend one night with an eagle hunter family and have an entire day of hunting, where you’ll ride alongside the eagle hunter and experience firsthand this fascinating lifestyle. Afterwards enjoy a visit to the Olgii Kazakh Museum and a final concert at the end. See a lot of traditional horse games at the eagle festival. Enjoy the ending with a traditional meal of Besbarmak (Kazakh for five fingers and composed of a hearty meat plate) along with khumis (locally prepared fermented horse milk). This event should be booked early as the eagle festival is a much desired event.


Tour included


  • Domestic Flight from Ulaanbaatar (round trip)
  • All accommodations  (hotel, tent, ger camp)
  • All cooking and camping equipment
  • All transportation during tour (airport pick up)
  • Experienced English speaking guide
  • Cook (3 times meal, desert)
  • Driver ( FWD car, fuel)
  • Local guide (horse, support camel for luggage)
  • Eagle Hunting family
  • National Park permit and fees


Tour excluded


  • International airfare, visa
  • Sleeping bag
  • Trip insurance
  • Laundry
  • Excess baggage fees in airport(domestic 15kg )
  • Alcohol drinks
  • Gratuities




Tour Itinerary

DAY1. Arrive in Bayan Olgii Province, home of the local Kazakh people who are famous for their ancient eagle hunting culture. The plane ride takes around 3 hours. At the airport, you will meet our team, English-speaking tour guide, cook(s), and driver, who has a 4x4 vehicle. Drive to White River Valley.

DAY2. Horse riding day, Altai Tavan Bogd National Park. Explore Potanin Glacier, travel to basecamp (3100m high) hiking around the area.

DAY3.   Back to White River with different road, drive to eagle hunter’s family, stay night and discover the ways of the nomadic life.

DAY4.  Eagle hunting day. Today we will ride horse with eagle hunter on a hunting trip, andhopefully we will catch a fox or rabbit. Tour guide and eagle hunter will explain eagle hunting techniques and training.

DAY5-6. 18thannual Golden Eagle Festival. Enjoy the nomadic horse games and the eagle hunters’ competition. Also, experience a camel race, archery and a concert at the local Kazakh theater.

DAY7. Leisure day or drive to Hovd or Uvs provinces. Sometimes when the booking is late, it is only possible to buy tickets from near provinces. We can discuss about how to spend time. We offer horse riding or can go to Tolbo Lake

DAY8.  Departure


  • 01th of June-01st  of October


  • Days: 8
  • Nights: 7


  • Eagle hunter's family: 2days
  • Ger: 4days
  • Hotel: 1


  • Moderate

  Price (for pax USD):

  • 2-4 persons:1080 
  • 5-8 persons:850 
  • 9+ persons:720